Hi people who care,

Food Action is excited to announce we are teaming up with Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Festival this year to help coordinate volunteers for their new waste reduction program! We have a special offer for Food Action volunteers who are passionate about composting and recycling and want to serve as Eco-Educators this year in Salmon Arm August 17, 18, and 19th at Roots & Blues. WE NEED YOU! 

Roots & Blues is banning single-use plastic items from its food vendors, encouraging refillable water bottles on site, and composting and recycling its food-related waste this year. The continuation of this initiative depends on the success of this pilot.

Your Mission:  educate festival-goers about the importance of changing the way we deal with waste by monitoring bins and letting them know what goes where. Studies are showing that increasing visibility of composting and recycling facilities and initiatives in public changes the way people think about waste in other areas of their lives – including home and work. And directional signs don’t do it, folks, we need interaction with a real live human to make it stick in our brains.

About the Festival:  on average, 25,000 people visit Roots & Blues every year.

Greener events are badly needed and this is something we all need to support to reduce single-use plastic waste. 

The Eco Educator role will include

  • Educating patrons as they arrive at the waste stations to dispose of their items in the appropriate bins
  • Educating patrons about what items can be composted
  • Monitoring your station at all times to ensure no contamination, giving priority to the compost bin
  • Answering questions patrons may have regarding waste stations and our waste reduction initiative

Food Action Volunteers who sign up for a four or six hour shift get a day pass to the festival, access to the Volunteer Lounge, and possibly a R&B T-shirt (supplies are limited).

Food Action Volunteers who can sign up for several shifts will get more goodies, more day passes and have a better chance at a R&B T-shirt, as long as supply holds out.  

Camping facilities (tenting only) for volunteers are available at a special rate for the weekend. Children under 12 get in free to the festival as well.  

Roots & Blues has a great lineup this year – you can check it out here. https://www.rootsandblues.ca/

If you are interested, please contact us for details on how you can sign up as a Food Action Volunteer.

If you know someone who might be interested in this opportunity, please share. 

Compost ON!

~ Samara

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