How can we encourage a strong local food system for our community?  It starts from the ground up.

What is a Local Food System?
A local or regional food system describes the proximal area where food is produced, distributed, consumed. A local food system includes economic, environmental, and social elements. Strengthening existing relationships, and developing new ones, help to keep local food systems viable.

Many Canadian farmers are retiring, and young people often face significant barriers to becoming new farmers.   As individuals, we can’t all grow our own food. What we can do is support local food producers by choosing to buy their products in our community. This creates a thriving marketplace, which encourages more local production. A strong local food economy is essential for new people to enter the market. More info on the plight of Canadian farmers:


Buying local supports more and better local food products in our community. Dollars spent in a community tend to circulate in the community. Dollars spent in “big box stores” or franchises leave the community, and don’t benefit local economic activity as much.

Read more about the multiplier effect here:



Some innovative approaches to small scale farming:



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