Registration for new gardeners at the East Hill and West Vernon gardens begins in early January. 

Gardeners returning can advance register for their same allotments starting November 15 up until December 31.

For  more  information  and  registration details and forms for a plot in one of the community  gardens in the Greater Vernon Community Garden Network email

The Food Action Society has been actively involved in the establishment of the Community Garden Network and continues to support community gardens by administering the garden finances.  The Society procured a grant and was able to hire a one-time coordinator to help establish a Community Garden Policy through Greater Vernon Parks, Recreation, and Culture (RDNO), build the new West Vernon garden (2010),and create support documents for current and new garden development. This model is based on partnerships with local government who continue to provide in-kind support to the garden volunteer committees as outlined at


A garden has been constructed at Trinity United Church ( 3300 Alxis Park Drive) in Vernon. A few allotments of 4 x 4 or 4 x 8 are publicly available. Call the church office at 250-545-0797

For information about the Lumby Community Garden call: 250-547-8866

For information about the Armstrong Community Garden call: 250-546-3354

Patchwork (Community) Farms. Located at Okanagan College’s new Kalamalka Garden site,  the farm offers a collective gardening program  as part of the Greater Vernon Community Garden Network where volunteer “farmers” will help to grow crops for donation to community food programs. The farm  focus is on education and skill-building and is intended to provide inclusive recreation for all members of our community. Volunteer opportunities are available to mentor others, join in on a workbee, or just come to enjoy the spectacular view of the lake. More information can be found at:

Stay tuned for news and updates.

Backyard Sharing Opportunities

A backyard 25′ x 40 ‘ plot is available in the 2100 block of 39th St. Contact Trina at to find out more.

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