Danish Fat Tax Rescinded

FARMERS, retailers and shoppers whooped with joy this week when the government announced the abolition of one of its most hated taxes: a tariff on saturated fats, imposed just over a year ago. Read Full Article from the Economist Magazine


In Freakonomics-like fashion, researchers at the University of California, Riverside, have concluded that producing a charbroiled hamburger emits the same mass particulate matter as a heavy-duty diesel truck traveling 143 miles. See the full New York Times article.

Grow Your Own Drugs!

Check out this fascinating BBC series with ethnobotanist James Wong on growing and using natural remedies. He’s a young guy who’s grown up in the UK, yet has a family history of using Chinese medicine. Inspiring! Grow Your Own Drugs BBC Homepage Full shows are available through iTunes and various bitTorrent sites.

September 20 – Roots ‘n Brews 2014 Tickets on sale now!!

Join us for an evening of live music, dancing, feasting, and celebrating the abundance of this year’s harvest¬†! For this event we bring together passionate local farmers & chefs to create a 4-course meal that truly celebrates the harvest of the Okanagan. Enjoy complimentary tastings of Real craft cider from The Bx Press Cidery, organic […]

Something that got me thinking

I was going through this website and began thinking that this was a neat idea. The university model works for food production, and it in turns feed the city. UBC Farm

Hanging Grow Boxes

Here’s an interesting idea for space-conscious urban farmers: http://www.gizmag.com/volet-vegetal-hanging-garden/23014/