Our next Cooking project will be a monthly program called Cooking for Community.

Food insecurity is a growing concern in the Okanagan. Cooking skills are important to food security, but skills can’t improve food access for people who lack the resources to buy or cook healthy food for themselves.

Cooking for Community encourages community members to prepare meals for those who can’t cook for themselves. Through the program, we’ll raise awareness of food insecurity and give our “community cooks” a way to help people in need – while improving their own cooking skills!

Our project is a monthly cooking class/community kitchen where people from all walks of life learn to cook healthy fresh food. Every session, we’ll select a demographic in need (seniors, homeless, at-risk youth) and focus our recipes/meal preparation on their nutritional needs. The meals prepared will be distributed afterwards to those people at no cost.

Food Action ran a pilot kitchen in early November in collaboration with HOPE Outreach Vernon. Over 45 meals were distributed to homeless people. One HOPE volunteer commented, “It’s a real treat for them to have a hot meal on a cold Sunday night.”

Samara Sonmor, Food Action’s Executive Director, says “I see the growing homeless population out there and feel helpless. We want to create something that might help. Since we’re running cooking classes anyway, why not cook healthy meals for others at the same time?” Sonmor hopes this will be a hands-on, practical way for community members to come out and help those in need, but funding and community support is needed to get the kitchens up and running. If you would like to sign up for our mailing list and volunteer when we launch monthly kitchens, please email us at info@foodaction.ca

About us: The Food Action Society is a non-profit charity dedicated to raising awareness and addressing food security issues. Its work is funded through program-specific grants, donations, fundraising, and participant contributions. Food Action Society programs include: Community Kitchens, Community Gardens, Cook It Try It Like It, Patchwork Gardeners, EatAbility, and a variety of food-related workshops. For more information, visit our website at www.foodaction.ca

Funding for this project courtesy of United Way

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