Side note: You knew there would be a pun, Juris. You can’t stop them by staying off Facebook. I will find you. 🙂

That is not pink underwear, FYI. It’s a kid’s bathing suit. 🙂

‘Way, I’m Samara and I have the best job in the world. I’m a gardener and I like to cook and find cool ways to preserve the harvest that don’t take up a lot of time.

I have a tendency to ramble on about various topics when I get going. I find the people I work with endlessly fascinating.  Best of all, I see the possibility of a better, brighter future in front of me every day.

— Plus I get tomatoes. —

In a nutshell, Food Action teaches people about gardening and cooking.  I’m the ED & Program Manager. We’re a small non-profit charity organization seeking to increase food security in our communities. Juris is the Chair of our Board and one of the amazing mentors I work with – and there are many others. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by people who challenge my assumptions, show me the best of themselves every day, lend me their diverse perspectives, and even sometimes help me find a little clarity about the complex socio-ecological system we work in when we talk about food and food security.

Recently, my Board reminded me I don’t share enough of our field work with them, or actually with any of the people who need to know, who’ve put their heart and soul into Food Action.  And that’s a lot of people. Everyone. Our members, our mentors, our board, past and present, ditto our staff, our volunteers, our community partners, our funders – our supporters. 🙁

Oops. My bad.

I’m kind of appalled I didn’t see this before. I’m so sorry to all of you. I’ve been hoarding experiences – stashing them away in the root cellar so I can savour them later. Never realizing the most delicious fruits don’t keep. For some harvests, you need to drop everything, right then and there, and just plain enjoy it. And share it too, with everyone you can. So that’s what I’ll try to do from now on.

Best then, to simply begin and not ramble. (I warned you.) It’s early August, 2018, and this is the first post from Stories from the Field, the new Food Action blog. I’ll be sharing pictures and stories about our work, as often as I can manage. And that may be more than I think, because my team –I often call them my staff, a habit I hope to continue, because it means we have paying jobs–  my staff told me yesterday they were going to take all the beautiful pictures of all the beautiful things and be my eyes and ears out there. Love love love this. Maybe they can even figure out instagram, which is presently geek to me. And I’m hoping I can get them to share their stories too.

There is so much to see. And tell. Share.

Plus we get zucchini. And we can’t eat all this damn squash ourselves, you know. You can connect with us on Facebook or check back here anytime as we work through the bugs on our blog.

Free to good homes

Happy Summer,


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