I say tomato, you say WTF?

Gardeners keep asking exasperated questions like, “What is wrong with my tomatoes, do you know? It’s like – all – bubbled.”  And no, no I didn’t until I read this article. “Simply put, [catfacing] is the abnormal development of plant tissue affecting the ovary or female sex organ (pistilate), which results in the flower, followed […]

Pesky August Wasps and How to Remove Them

Oh, paper wasps, you little buggers, how you love to be in all the people places!  I’ve dealt with wasps at home for years and here’s my recommended best organic control methods. First off, don’t let ’em get comfy in the first place!  I hang paper lunch bags up wherever I see wasps congregating in […]

In the News Aug 2 2018

Food Action says thank you, JCI Vernon and BDO Dunwoody We love love love the enthusiasm from JCI & BDO for composting at this event. It’s just going to make JCI Vernon’s Lawn Days of Summer Delivered by BDO even better! Food Action is this year’s charity recipient of proceeds raised at this fun lawn-bowling tourney coming […]

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