Meatless Meat

Let’s face it: burgers taste great. Even if we know about the environmental effects, the health impacts, the disconnection from our food system – we still crave ’em. I am very happy to see the new meatless burgers providing us with a new Ethical Eat.  From all reviews, this burger tastes great! I need to […]

Your Brain on Nature

Spending time in a green space engages all your senses. The light plays off gentle green leaves, while calendula flowers add a splash of orange here and there, petals trembling in the morning air.  The wind suddenly brings the smell of leaves, flowers, earth. You feel a tickle on your leg, and you brush away […]

It Ain’t Over til It’s Over

There is still time to garden. Check out:   Seeds to Start in August    

Stories from the Field: Captain’s Blog

Side note: You knew there would be a pun, Juris. You can’t stop them by staying off Facebook. I will find you. 🙂 ‘Way, I’m Samara and I have the best job in the world. I’m a gardener and I like to cook and find cool ways to preserve the harvest that don’t take up a […]

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