No need to fear.

This job is all about facing your fears, I’m learning. I’m giving five presentations this week. It feels like a hundred butterflies are trapped in my gut, and I keep hunching my shoulders. Deep breaths when I remember. It’ll be okay. Researching the food system keeps me up at night, gums up my voice and […]

Stories from the Field: One Bite at a Time

EVERY DAY I see people shine. I see so many “aha” moments; light dawning in someone’s eyes, and it makes me grin. ‘Cause they just changed forever. LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing that. In a nutshell, Food Action teaches gardening and cooking. Our goal is to help create a community where healthy, local, sustainably produced food […]

Stories from the Field: Captain’s Blog

Side note: You knew there would be a pun, Juris. You can’t stop them by staying off Facebook. I will find you. 🙂 ‘Way, I’m Samara and I have the best job in the world. I’m a gardener and I like to cook and find cool ways to preserve the harvest that don’t take up a […]

2020 AGM Update

The Food Action Board would like to extend our sincerest apologies to everyone regarding the cancellation of our Annual General Meeting on March 11 due to unforeseen circumstances and illnesses. It was a difficult decision, but our first priority will always be the health of our members, supporters, board, and our friends at Arcadian Kitchen. […]

One of my heroes

Pretty sure the pic’s worth a 1,000 words. In gratitude to this young lady and her mom, ~ Samara

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