Author: Samara Sonmor

No need to fear.

This job is all about facing your fears, I’m learning. I’m giving five presentations this week. It feels like a hundred butterflies are trapped in my gut, and I keep hunching my shoulders. Deep breaths when I remember. It’ll be okay. Researching the food system keeps me up at night, gums up my voice and […]

Stories from the Field: One Bite at a Time

EVERY DAY I see people shine. I see so many “aha” moments; light dawning in someone’s eyes, and it makes me grin. ‘Cause they just changed forever. LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing that. In a nutshell, Food Action teaches gardening and cooking. Our goal is to help create a community where healthy, local, sustainably produced food […]

One of my heroes

Pretty sure the pic’s worth a 1,000 words. In gratitude to this young lady and her mom, ~ Samara

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