Author: Food Action Society

Danish Fat Tax Rescinded

FARMERS, retailers and shoppers whooped with joy this week when the government announced the abolition of one of its most hated taxes: a tariff on saturated fats, imposed just over a year ago. Read Full Article from the Economist Magazine

Grow Your Own Drugs!

Check out this fascinating BBC series with ethnobotanist James Wong on growing and using natural remedies. He’s a young guy who’s grown up in the UK, yet has a family history of using Chinese medicine. Inspiring! Grow Your Own Drugs BBC Homepage Full shows are available through iTunes and various bitTorrent sites.

Hanging Grow Boxes

Here’s an interesting idea for space-conscious urban farmers:

Green Architecture

The new Brooklyn Botanical Garden has some intriguing green design and landscaping features, including a green roof. Click to see article and photos.

Vandana Shiva Interview

Physicist, environmental activist, and seed saving guru Vandana Shiva was interviewed today on CBC radio’s The Current. Listen to the interview.

Plan for Vernon Public Market

Click here to download the report from the City of Vernon regarding the feasibility of a public market.